ERF Caravan & Camping Club (c) 2012

         The Club

We are the ERF Caravan & Camping Club and we hold rallies throughout the  country

We are always looking for new members . You don’t have to be a seasoned camper,caravanner, motor caravanner, family or individual and fancy the idea of rallying but don’t fancy the idea of a large club atmosphere, then this is the club to join. We are a small, friendly, fun loving club. We have a number of organised rallies throughout the year,varying from a weekend to longer stays,all at a reasonable cost. See the CONTACT US page for more details.

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    The History

ERF Caravan & Camping Club was formed in 1972 by workers from the ERF Sports and social club. truck manufacturers.

The Club was run independently from the Social Club,but was given permission by the company to use the ERF name.

    The first Rally was held at Eaton,Congleton and was attended by a mix of caravans and tents. Mr & Mrs Don Broad,Mr & Mrs Cyril Madock,Mr & Mrs Alfie Goode, Mr & Mrs Bert Brookes,Mr & Mrs Les Parkinson,were all founder members.


If there is anyone who has any more information about the early days of the Club it would be much appreciated,please contact the club Chairman,Tele:-01270 661964 or any committee member at the contact us panel.

        New Members

Full membership is £16.00p for the year 2022  (19 rallies )

Details of membership are available on our contact us page


Every year we  hold events such as. Anniversary. Auction. Photographic and Crown Green Bowling Rallies.

The AGM Rally will be held on  20th - 22nd January 2023 .2pm                                                

  (Please try to attend the AGM even if you are not at the rally)



Rally 7.   11th Anniversary

 Kinderton 17th-19th June 1983

Cledford Lane Kinderton


Rally Officers:- Mr & Mrs Frank Brown

Mr & Mrs Cyril Maddock and Andrew

Rally Fee:-£2-30– Senior Citizens:-£1-80