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Rally 11. 22th - 27th August

5 nights

Herons Nest



Rally officers

Laurel and Gordon

01270 764867

Brenda and John

01270 580170

      ERF Caravan & Camping Club

Rally 12. 6th - 8th September

Cheshire View

Bowling Rally

Rally Officers ;- Beryl and Fran





Rally 14.  11th - 13th October

Hough Village Hall

Cobbs Lane,Crewe,    CW2 5GZ

Rally officers :- Judy,Michelle,Carl and James





Rally 13 September 26th - 1st October

Coast Riders Diner,Blackpool

Rally Officers :- Mo,Rob,Andrea and Steve






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If you are interested in joining our club please contact TONY on    Tele:- 01270661964   or    Mobile:- 07928926282