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Rally 6. 25th May- 4th June

       Green Hill Park

Stratford on Avon B95 6DN

       Rally Officers :-

   Lynne & Ron Moyle:-

         01270 216004


  Laura & Vic Woodward:-

          01606 834287





















      ERF Caravan & Camping Club

Rally 7. 16th - 18th June (Anniversary)

Holmston Hall,Little Budworth


Rally Officers:- Jacqui and Tony











Rally 9. 28th July - 7th August

River Laver Holiday Park

Ripon HG4 2QR

Rally Officers TBA










Rally 8. 13th - 18th July

Herons Nest, CW9 6HR

Rally Officers :- Laurel Brenda,Gordon and John











If you have booked for a rally and for some reason you cannot attend please contact Rally Officers personally or on the day of the rally by the Club mobile phone or other means. It is only courtesy to let them know.


Please note. The rally officers telephone number  for rally 10 should read

01477 535181, not 01477 535161,as in the rally book

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